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Будущее Обамакера.

1-го января 2014 полностью вступит в силу закон под названием "Affordable care act", он же Обамакер. Одной из главных заявленых целей закона было ограничение роста расходов на здравоохранение, однако на практике этого не произошло - страховки продолжают дорожать. И уже недалек тот день, когда "прогрессивные", под предлогом того, что "рынок в медицине не работает", начнут продвигать идею "single payor".

Чтобы понять, как "single payor" работает на практике, давайте взглянем на Великобританию - страну победившего социализма в медицине.

Поскольку ресурсов для лечения всех не хватает даже при социализме, в Англии действует так называемый Ливерпульский Протокол: больных, которых специальная комиссия сочтет безнадежными, перестают лечить, и стараются ускорить их смерть: прекращают искусственное кормление и введение жидкостей. Согласно недавней статье в английской газете "Телеграф", в половине случаев больные и их родственники не знали, что они находятся на Ливерпульском Протоколе. Цитаты из статьи в "Телеграфе":

" The study suggests that in total, around 57,000 patients a year are dying in NHS hospitals without being told that efforts to keep them alive have been stopped.

It also reveals that thousands of dying patients have been left to suffer in pain, with no attempt to keep them comfortable while drugs were administered. "

"Each year around 130,000 patients are placed on the pathway."

"In 44 per cent of cases when conscious patients were placed on the pathway, there was no record that the decision had been discussed with them. "

"In recent months, there has been mounting concern over cases in which family members said they were not consulted or even told when food and fluids were withheld from their loved ones. "

"...too many patients were forced to experience "coldness, resentment, indifference" and "even contempt". "

"The family of Arthur Oszek, 86, say they did not find out he had been put on the Liverpool Care Pathway last year until he was left begging for a drink, having been taken off his drip."

Безнадежно больные дети также становятся на Ливерпульский путь к смерти. Цитаты из статьи в "Mail online":

"One doctor has admitted starving and dehydrating ten babies to death in the neonatal unit of one hospital alone.

Writing in a leading medical journal, the physician revealed the process can take an average of ten days during which a  baby becomes ‘smaller and shrunken’."

"Survival is often much longer than most physicians think; reflecting on my previous patients, the median time from withdrawal of hydration to death was ten days."

"‘I have also seen children die in terrible thirst because fluids are withdrawn from them until they die.

‘I witnessed a 14 year-old boy with cancer die with his tongue stuck to the roof of his mouth when doctors refused to give him liquids by tube. His death was agonising for him, and for us nurses to watch. This is euthanasia by the backdoor.’"

Будьте здоровы!

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