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USA absolutely defenseless against possible attack from Russia or China

No matter how mighty it may seem, the United States of America is defenseless in front of a possible external enemy. Neither the U.S. Army nor the National Guard will be able to rebuff a sudden attack due to the lack of military training and equipment.

The surprising information was published in the 400-page report prepared by the independent committee which the U.S. Congress set up to test the battling capacity of the national Armed Forces. Experts say that the number of National Guard units that lack the required level of training has increased in comparison with the last year, when about 88 percent of the units were considered unfit for service.

Any unexpected attack against the USA with the use of chemical, biological or nuclear weapons will become fatal for the nation, the report said.

The document contains a series of recommendations to the Pentagon. Air Force Gen. Gene Renuart, chief of U.S. Northern command, said the Pentagon is putting together a specialized military team that would be designed to respond to such catastrophic events.

“The capability for the Defense Department to respond to a chemical, biological event exists now,” Renuart told the AP. “It, today, is not as robust as we would like because of the demand on the forces that we’ve placed across the country. ... I can do it today. It would be harder on the (military) services, but I could respond.”

To crown it all, it would be naive to believe that Washington does not see Russia and China – world’s largest nuclear powers – as possible enemies.

The Pentagon has already launched the campaign to recruit U.S. citizens speaking Russian, Chinese and other foreign languages.

The White House fears possible attacks with the use of weapons of mass destruction from al-Qaeda most.

In addition, George W. Bush has been showing serious concerns about Iran and North Korea with their nuclear programs.

Robert Slater, the director of the National Security Language Program, said it was impossible for the government to hire and maintain specialists fluent in many languages. However, translators and interpreters would be highly valuable in international and national states of emergency, he added.

By 2010, the department will recruit at least 1,000 people to serve in the new National Language Service Corps, said Gail McGinn, deputy undersecretary of Defense for plans and head of the Defense Senior Language Authority.

"We're going out to Americans and asking those who have foreign language skills to come and use them in support of the U.S. government," she said.

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